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Friday, September 08, 2006

Answering different messages

I received a message from one reader talking about: THE MYTH OF Palestine, Written by Yehezkel Bin-Nun. Now, do I need to read this Article written from a Jew about Palestine, I do not think so, and I will do better than falling for the evil and the stupid who wish to deny the existence of a whole nation of Palestine. If we visit Palestine today, if we ask an Arab who does not speak English, what is the name of your country, he/she will say: Philistine, then what is this Ignorant thing how Palestine is a myth? O of course, those Ignorant use English language, a language that was not in existence during History past, and came to be a language after the Anglo Saxons Barbarians of the North became civilized. Then the true word is Philistine, and those who live there are the Philistines, now some may say: those are Arabs from the greater Syria, then we ask: how about before long time before that? In order to state things in a way some may understand, we need to use the book they believe in.

We notice how the Philistines are mentioned in the Jewish book all over, before we discuss, we need to read Zephaniah 2:5 that says: O Canaan the land of the Philistines. Therefore, every time we read Canaan, we need to understand this is the land of the Philistines, not according to me, but according to the God Jews believe in. Let us trace how far back Canaan and Philistine was mentioned by the Jewish God. Reading the book of Geneses 10:14, we see how far back in their book the Philistines are mentioned, also in verse 11:31 speaks how even before Abraham, from whom Israelis came. Therefore, the Philistines, and Philistine itself was in existence before any Israeli ever existed, let Israelis play stupid as they wish, here are facts. The Jewish book speaks all over about Canaan, and the Philistines, then we see in Exodus 13:17, God said: and God did not want to lead them through the land of the Philistines, even there God called the land by the land of the Philistines, then the stupid comes to deny and say Philistines are a myth. Those stupid who came with non Biblical lies to wipe Palestine from the map in the year 1948, now trying to wipe Palestinians, and the stupid believe every word those children of their father of lies Satan according to how Jesus called them, every stupid in the world wish to believe those children of their father of lies (John 8:43). Therefore, let those children of their father of lies lie about how the Philistines are a myth, we can always bring their book from the God they worship to show their lies always.

On the other hand, we all remember I am having a debate with Joe, here Joe also has more questions, he said: their was a Allah, a pagan God long before Mohammad was born, you do not agree how do you conclude their was a sacred name of a God " Allah " that had daughters long before Mohammad. Allah was prominent in Pre-Islamic Arabia, as a god with three daughters: al-Lat, al-Uzza, and Manat. (Note that al- means "the".), this is what Joe said. Now our beloved Joe is ignoring intentionally the fact that we told him how Arab Christians have the name Allah in their Arabic versions of the Judeo-Christian book, also Joe knows how Christianity existed even before Muhammad was born, which means they used the name of Allah back then as well. This bring us how Allah is mentioned since the time of Adam in Geneses. However, we are not interested in this, though Joe may keep pretending not to see any of this; does not really matter. We need to know how Allah was before Muhammad PBUH was born in pagan Arabia, and is it true this speach from Joe how those Idols he mentioned were the daughters of Allah? Yes, Allah was known since the beginning of time, Allah was even known to Noah and Abraham, this is mentioned clearly in the Noble Qur’aan and the Arabic version of the Judeo-Christian books, Allah is mentioned about Adam and Eve, then yes He is here long time before Muhammad PBUH. We Muslims also believe how religion was always Islam from the LORD, now some of you would tell us what about Judaism, I ask them to find me one time the word Judaism mentioned in their books, the word Judaism is non Biblical period, I also tell them to study how the word Jew was not mentioned in Scripture before the book of Ezra, which means how Moses who brought the religion never heard of the word Jew or Jewish. 500 pages plus in Scripture, yet not even one time the word Jew is mentioned, then we start to see it mentioned in the book of Ezra, makes us think, what is this Jewish thing all about anyway?

Jew is a title given to the descendants of the tribe of Judah, who was the fourth son of Jacob, this title came to be known after the Babylonian slavery to differentiate the Judah tribe from all the rest of the 12 tribes of Israel, because after the slavery at Babylon, all the tribes came to live in what used to be called: Judea. Now, as for Christianity, we see in the book of Acts 11:26 how long after Jesus PBUH, Paul called the followers of his teachings by: Christians, then even Christianity is not a religion. We Muslims believe how Islam was always the religion from the LORD, now you wish to get angry, or wish to debate, all are well, no problem. Even one of you told us about a link that says how Jesus was a Muslim, and he wanted someone to kill that link. Anytime any of you wish to debate how Islam was since the beginning of time, not brought by Muhammad only, he/she is welcome to this debate. However, today I am answering Joe and what he said. Now with all what I said in mind, we see how Pagan Arabia called those Idols by the daughters of Allah, if pagans of any time wish to continue doing the same, we answer this with what Allah said: do you wish to make for Allah the daughters, and for yourself the sons, this Ludicrous (53:19-23. Yes, Allah mocks those who claim those are His daughters, Allah says: those are names you invented, and accused Allah of such nonsense. Now, if this is not enough to answer Joe, I will go further than this, on the other hand, though pagan Arabia knew Allah, but they used to worship Idols saying: they bring us closer to Allah, they are the bridge between us and Allah (39:3), therefore, they did not worship Allah because they thought they are not worthy to have a direct approach to Him, they worshiped Idols to bridge out to Him, that is how they used to think. Now we can bring this closer to the hearts, look at all time Catholic priests, some believe how a Priest is a bridge to God, and confessing to them will attain forgiveness, I hope this will bring you the picture closer now. Pagan Arabia before Muhammad thought Idols are bridges to Allah, not that Allah is an Idol God.

Joe also asked me: the pre Islamic god had three daughters, please tell me is this God of which I speak your Allah, The Pagan Allah that was the moon God. Now, dear Joe, I hope you remember how I told you that Allah ordered us not to bow in worship to the Moon (41:37), I think I also brought you how Jews worshiped the Moon God (II Kings 23:5), Now I hope I answered you what Allah said about accusing Him of having three Idols for daughters, and how Ignorant on your part to call Allah by a Pagan God, please do ask me before you rush into using evil words against Allah at any time. Joe also said: Thousands of inscriptions from walls and rocks in Northern Arabia have also been collected. Reliefs and votive bowls used in worship of the "daughters of Allah" have also been discovered. The three daughters, al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat are sometimes depicted together with Allah the Moon-god represented by a crescent moon above them. Dear Joe, I hope you will not turn blue in the face trying to repeat a thousand times how Allah is the Moon god, I hope you will stay on your Purple color, and read what I said about Allah my friend.

Another brought me a video of an Arab stupid woman saying: what we witness today is a fight between the Middle Ages, and the 21th Century. This stupid does not know the middle Ages are in the 1500 After Christ about Europe, and not about 700 After Christ years back when Muhammad brought Islam. Why she is so stupid, and those who loved her talking are stupid too? She says: this is a fight between those who treat women like an animal, and those who treat women well. I wonder, when our Muslims women cover up this is animal, when they walk half naked, or almost naked like slots this is human. When we tell our women to have respect for themselves, and not to act like prostitutes, or tramps who have a man per every three days, or to ask them to get married. If we compare between how women are treated in Islam and other places, we will come to realize where women are worse than animals, and where they have complete respect. Even if we look at the teachings in the books, we see Muslim women have such a respect the West cannot afford to treat women in this manner ever, while looking in other books we see how miserable women are preached, if you wish me to show examples I can and will show you how horrible are the teachings in books that are non Islamic. Now when we find an individual mistreating his wife, we need to read if his stupidity matches Qur’aan before we rush to accuse Islam of any evil. This stupid woman clearly said she was not a Muslim, not a Christian, she clearly stated she was not a Jew, I wish to accept she was a stupid who believe in stupidity nothing else. She brought a Hadeeth from Muhammad saying: I was ordered to fight non Muslims till they believe in Allah, I as a Muslim ask: who ordered Muhammad PBUH to do so, I see Allah saying in Qur’aan: no compulsion into bringing people to believing in Allah (2:256), and I know how Qur’aan taught Muhammad PBUH: whoever so wishes let him/her believe, and whosoever wishes let him/her disbelieve, Allah ordered Muhammad: talk to them in the better manner possible (not fight and kill till), and I do not believe in Hadeeth that contradict what Allah said. Therefore, this Hadeeth is false, and Muhammad PBUH had nothing to do with such a thing.

She said how sometimes we call Jews and the followers of Jesus PBUH the Nazarene, and by the people of the book. Well, as for the book of Acts 24:5 call the followers of Jesus by the Nazarene, then what is her problem? She said how those are the people of all the good books in our hands as Muslims, we tell this stupid how all those books were built over what achievements and knowledge we Muslims gave to the world before the Turkish destroyed all of our knowledge and books when they ruled us for 400 years prior to the World Wars. This stupid said: leave people in what they believe, even if they believe in stones, we answer: Ignorant stupid did you see us as war mongers going and converting anyone to Islam? However, we see those who are Jews and those who support them coming with non Biblical lies to invade and colonize Palestine over the blood of our children, using their religions. We see ignorant Frank Graham, the son of Billy boy saying he will go to Afghanistan to bring Heathen Muslims to Christ, he is going on a Crusade, we do not see Muslims going on any such Crusades, what this stupid women is saying: leave others to what they believe in, she is so stupid makes me sick. She said how Jews forced themselves over the world with their dedication and knowledge also Science, look how stupid she is, no ignorant, Jews forced themselves with non Biblical lies, and strong Arms from the West, but today they started their decline and were defeated, and will continue to go down Insha Allah from here on. This stupid is crying over three Idols for Buddha being destroyed, well, how about it stupid, Egypt is full with Statues, but those statues in a Muslim country Afghanistan are used for worship, not decoration, and needed to go down. This stupid said: we do not see any Jew making a Suicide Bombardier, well Ignorant stupid Israel has the fourth or the fifth strongest Army in the world, while Palestinians are almost armless against this huge war machine, and have nothing but their very own bodies to blow in the faces of those stupid who are colonizing Palestine with non Biblical lies, killing the innocent Palestinians daily from their US made F-16, kidnapping Palestinians and putting them in prison, having Sanctions, destruction of sources like electricity and water supplies, how do you expect almost un Armed to react except in blowing themselves in the face of this evil who are killing them daily? Give Palestinians the same power, and we promise none of them will blow up himself. She said: what Muslims give to humanity, before asking humanity to respect them, we said we have done our part big time, all what humanity is enjoying was possible because of us Muslims, if it was not for planting this evil Israel in the heart of Arabia to absorb our resources in preparation to defend against its evil, we would have enough power to advance, and place ourselves where we belong, it is not bad enough to place Israel among us to war against it and keep spending on this war, but also they try to keep us from advancing, look when Iran got Nuclear, what is happening, while we have at the same time Korea, but who cares, Korea is not Muslim.

Another brought me an 8 year old child having his hand cut for stealing, people, you do need to stop attacking Islam for foolish individual’s practices, all I want from you to find me in Qur’aan where it says: do this to a child like this, we should not blame people for actions before their maturity, a child is not to be blamed for any crime till they grow up then anything evil done they will answer for, never as little children. Humanity’s ignorance is unlimited; we do not blame Christianity for what O J Simpson did to his wife, or any other maniac who does any crazy thing. We do not even blame Christianity for the stupidity of those who speak like Jews from Arabs, we do not blame their Scripture for the evil practices and hate they are doing all the time as well.


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