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Friday, September 15, 2006

Educating Muslims about Islam

I am Israel

The middles east’s only superpower
U Muslims got most of the oil
But still you’re politically poor and powerless

We kill your people at will
Anytime, anyplace
We’re gods chosen race
Palestine is ours
If you want to live
Then get the hell out of our rocket range

Your big Islamic armies don’t scare us
You’re unelected leaders are our first line of defence
No offence
But that’s how it’s been since 1948

Our greatest dilemma isn’t free pork
But Muslims united under the caliphate
U don’t know your history
Therefore u have no vision for your future
Do us a big favour
Stay ignorant and follow the western culture
Integrate and assimilate
Lose yourself and forget about your religion
Coz we aint got enough bullets to kill 1.5 billion
Plus, bullets cost money, you know

We helped to destroy the last Islamic state in 1924
Our Jewish brother Mustafa kamal took care of it
Father of the Turks the foolish call him
They couldn’t be further from the truth
We love that title and name
Of your ummah’s sad plight u should feel shame.

Muslims stay divided and we are protected
Fight and hate each other based on nationalism
Whoever invented it deserves an Oscar or three
Maybe it was shaytan
What a superstar
Ha ha ha

If anyone criticises and the atrocities we are inflicting
We just have to say the buzz word anti-Semitism
That always works and shuts them up good and proper

We’re the victims
Coz we are the kings of spin and media manipulation
Six million, six million
Holocaust, holocaust
Shindlers list and plenty more fro Hollywood
Maybe time to give bollywood some storylines
About Jews being persecuted in Pakistan and Bangladesh

We have a monopoly on suffering and inflicting pain upon others

We don’t care or give a damn about the UN
Those we can’t bomb or kill
We tell them to get lost
Just like we told Musa back in the days
We don’t follow the guidance
Who is God to tell us what to do?

U pathetic Muslims been crying
Whilst watching
The pain and suffering
Of your brothers and sisters
But America has been busy re-arming us
Even re-fuelling in the UK

Long live Israel
Expansion yet to come
Coz we need more living space
All of Egypt and into Saudi

posted by Showkat

I am East Pakistan

Created in 1947
Torn from mother India
And divided from my brother
West Pakistan
By several thousand miles of hostile territory

Land which was once ours
Under the glorious Islamic rule
Taken away by western powers
Who looted and polluted
All of our resources and way of life and values

When we woke up and challenged their injustice
They responded with barbarism
But Allah was with us
And they fled and sailed away
With only a token force remaining
Leaving behind a trail of destruction
And religions at each others throats.

Divide and conquer
Their contribution to humanity
And greatest achievement

A great continent one ruled by Islam
Where it didn’t matter
What religion or no religion you followed
Coz u were a citizen of the Islamic state
An example of multiculturalism
Never witnessed since

They divided a great country ingot two but created three separate parts
Millions died
But to them it didn’t matter
They saw us as uncivilised animals
And no one sheds tears when dogs die.

East and West Pakistan was soon born
But only to be torn
In 1971
Based on regionalism, nationalism, discrimination and exploitation
They had planted the seeds of division as a solution in 47

Brother hated brother
One brother sought help from the Hindus
And they were happy to contribute to the bloodshed

The victors celebrated
But both sides lost the pleasure of Allah
Insulting a Muslim is a sin
And killing a Muslim is disbelief

Since 71
Bangladesh has achieved notoriety and fame
The worlds most corrupt country
Several years in a row
Politically subservient to USA and India
Instead of being looted by the elites in West Pakistan
Now being bankrupted by those in Dhaka

Same sad story in Pakistan
The faces may change
But the corruption remains

How the heart aches
And regrets the mistake of division
Brother divided from brother
Since 71
Yearning for unity
Not based on superiority of regionalism or caste
But one based on Islam and piety

Forget the slogans of Joi Bangla and Pakistan zindabad
And embrace the slogans of Allahu Akbar, Khilafat, Khilafat

posted by Showkat

Traitors sell out

Traitors sell out
So I stand aside
Another defeated
So called moderate Muslim
Works for the other side

Some do it knowingly by joining the police,army and intelligence services
While others hide the truth and compromise and reconcile Islam with kufr
Scholars for dollars
Invited to Downing Street for tea and instructions
For Islam’s destruction and annihilation
And some others are silent and
Therefore compliant
In the wicked conspiracy against the truth

The west is at war
Not like before
Forget WW1 and WW2
This war is ideological
Battle of ideas
The final conflict
Truth versus falsehood

Choose which side you’re on
No sitting on the fence
No ones neutral
You’re either with Islam or against Islam

You either give dawah
Or the society brainwashes you
To become its clone and robot
A living and walking example of their ideology

Walking around in a daze
Aint got a clue
Spreading corruption
To your brothers and sisters
Without realising

Don’t believe me?
Then analyse what you say, do and how you live.

Is it based on Islam or something else?

Thought so..

Switch on the T.V and see
The battle being fought
In many theatres
Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine
Can anyone deny the reality?
Islam Vs kufr
Truth Vs falsehood
Allah vs shaytan
24/7 it continues

We have no time for rest
Or jesting
Or wasting our youth
In fruitless activities
Coz the enemy is focused and motivated in working hard to destroy our deen
As can be seen on the TV screens

Oh! Muslims Stand and fight
Don’t take flight
You know its right thing to do
Instead of hiding and adopting the false labels of
Moderate Muslim, British Muslim
In this battle of ideas
The truth will prevail

We got the noble Quran
While they have nothing of any substance at all
And hence they and their society keep on falling
Into misguidance and error

No need for hijacking planes and crashing them into tall buildings
Or martyrdom operations
The Islamic ideas are enough for us
To refute and intellectually destroy Capitalism
And herald a new dawn
The re-birth of the Islamic civilisation

Bush and Blair
See it on the horizon
What a pity the Muslims are dosing
And some are busy posing
And closing the mind and eyes to what’s going on all around nationally and globally

Its time to wake up
From our western induced slumber
And remember
Who we are and
Who created us?
And to whom we shall return
Sooner or later

Its time to realise
Islam is the source of our pride
Time to get of the western roller coaster
Enough of the ride
Too much can confuse, overload and kill your iman
Make you into westerner
But your name and little practice of Islam
Can make you seem like a fundamentalist in their eyes.

So after reading this
Think about making the little changes
Followed by the major ones
For the salvation of your soul
And the pleasure of your lord and creator

And tonight thank Allah
That you were born into a Muslim family
Instead of a non-Muslim one
And count your blessings
All of them

I certainly will

posted by Showkat

I am a moderate Muslim

I don't pray 5 times a day
Only jummah is enough for me
I don't fast the full thirty
Five is how many I do
Yes I drink
But only in moderation
I don't get drunk or puke up in the loo
Yes I am a moderate Muslim

I check out the fit women
But only one at a time
I don't sleep with them
Coz that's extreme
I only date them, hug them, hold hands and kiss them.
Coz everything in moderation right?

I take drugs
But only class C ones
Avoid the hard ones
Coz only the fanatics do that

A moderate Muslim is the label I have given myself
Coz I can't leave Islam
Coz it's the truth
Can't be an atheist or secular humanist

So I reconcile my Islam
To please the westerners
By compromising
And trying oh so very hard to fit in

My name is Muhammed
But to all and sundry I am Mo
During lunch and after work
Off to the pub I go
A few bevies
Nothing to heavy
Every weekday
Except for Fridays
Coz that's a holy day

Despite all my compromises of my Islam
I cannot find any peace of mind or satisfaction in my heart
I feel guilty and ashamed
Feelings of nausea and self hate

My mind is in conflict and I find myself asking a question
Maybe to this you can relate

The question is

If you're convinced of Islam then why follow it in moderation?
Should you not follow it completely and fundamentally?
Despite what the non-Muslims think or say
Coz who are they to tell us how we should follow the truthWhen they are lost and following the misguidance.

posted by Showkat


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