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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pope’s Insult to the Prophet Muhammad(as)

Archbishop Celestino Migliore
Permanent Observer of the Holy See
to the United Nations
25 East 39th Street
New York, New York 10016-0903

Dear Archbishop Migliore:

Pope Benedict XVI, the patriach of your religion, has made a statement which is nothing less than blasphemy against the beloved Prophet Muhammad(as) of Islam.

Your Pope chose to quote a racist Crusader Emperor which embodied his own personal beliefs and biases against the religion of Islam. He specifically echoed the words of that Crusader to convey the message that was in his heart. The quote he used was:

"Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

The Emperor in question used those very words to incite the Crusaders against the Muslims. He was trying to sell the idea that "God," he said, "is not pleased by blood - and not acting reasonably is contrary to God's nature. Faith is born of the soul, not the body. Whoever would lead someone to faith needs the ability to speak well and to reason properly without violence and threats."

The Holy Prophet Muhammad(as) and the Holy Quran teach us that the value of life is sacred but it also instructs Muslims not to allow themselves to be aggressed and attacked. It calls to the obligation of engaging in Jihad in order to defend their religion and way of life. Islam is a balanced religion. You would not find Muslims engaging in Jihad if they weren't being attacked from all sides. That is the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad(as) so who is Pope Benedict to determine what is correct for Muslims to do or not? Who gave him the authority to dictate over Muslims?

There is NO question in my mind that Pope Benedict is again repeating the mistake that many Popes in the past have made by using their position to wage war on the Arab and Muslim Peoples. He is obviously an AGENT PROVOCATEUR of the New World Order which he serves. He is deliberately attempting to advance the satanic agenda of the New World order by insulting the Prophet Muhammad(as) in the hope that the much desired 'clash of civilizations' of the satanic New World Order Zionist Nazis can come to pass.

The insult that he has uttered against the Prophet of Islam cannot be spun as unintentional. He is NOT a stupid man. He knew that such a comment would lead to chaos between the Christian and Muslim Peoples and he did not refrain himself. His use of that quote fits perfectly with the strategy and propaganda being employed by the satanic New World Order Nazi devils, Bush and Blair, who have been busy casting Islam as a negative, violent and extreme religion. The use of the term "Islamofascist" by George W. Bush and 'evil ideology', by his eunuch Bliar, and the insult to the Prophet Muhammad(as) by the Danish newspaper cartoons throughout Europe all have the same end - to provoke a 'clash of civilizations' in order to give birth to their satanic New World Order dictatorship.
The Pope's comment was clearly intended to fuel the agenda of the New World Order Nazis who are stopping at nothing in their disparaging of Islam and Muslims in their self serving 'war on terror'.

Please let Pope Benedict know that he has crossed the lines of morality and good faith and that he has breached spiritual laws which will subject him to punishment in the next world. I wish him good health and long life but eventually the grave will call him and it is there where he will realize the evil that he has done in the eyes of God.

The Catholic Church should be the LAST one to point fingers at Islam being that it was the Catholic Church who waged war and hideous torture on the Muslim world for several centuries.

When Islam came to Europe the people there were living in tyranny, squalor and filth which the Popes did nothing about. The Muslims conquered those lands and brought enlightenment to them. We taught the people how to take a bath, work their soil and irrigate, reading, writing, science, art and culture. All of these realities have been buried and denied in the history books of Western nations but I will remind you that the period which the West dubbed as the 'dark ages' was in reality the 'golden age' of Islam. While the Muslims were in power their was peace everywhere until your Popes decided to destroy all of the good that the Muslims did with their despicable Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and the nefarious relations between the Vatican and Hitler's nazis. Knowing the history of the Church I am not surprised therefore to see the Church once again in collusion with the present day nazis in order to destroy the world, but I cannot remain silent to the crime that is taking place.

Tell Pope Benedict that the Prophet Muhammad(as) brought all the benefit to the world while the contribution of the Christian Popes and the Rabbis was to destroy the world via war and chaos.
Many in the Muslim world are demanding an apology. No doubt there is a need for one but the damage that has been done cannot be smoothed over with mere words. I am not inclined to accept an apology from somebody whom I know in his heart is a racist warmongering AGENT PROVOCATEUR of the satanic New World Order Zionist Nazis. Nevertheless, as a servant of ALLAH I must respect the People of the Book but that does not mean that I endorse what they do wrong. I am a fair person. When the Arabs and Muslims act wrongly I am the first one to call them to account but I cannot, and will not, discourage them from engaging in the obligation of Jihad against those who are bent in destroying Islam and Muslims.
The Arabs and Muslims have EVERY right to self defense and no Pope will ever succeed in discouraging what God Himself has obliged Muslims to partake in.

I advise Pope Benedict to mind his business and stay out of Muslim affairs. He has already voiced his heart's beliefs in that despicable quote of his so there should be no need for him to step foot inside any Muslim nation from now on. I really believe that will be the best way to deal with this situation. Past that I hope that he will have the good sense to limit himself to dictating exclusively to his followers and refrain himself from slandering the Prophet Muhammad(as) or Islam.

Very truly yours,
Shayhka Maulani Aeisha Muhammad


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