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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Friend or Foe

So you wish me to play your games?
If I don't, then will you throw your toys out of your pram?
I do not wish to drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes,
Nor do I wish to play around with loose women,
I have morals that are well above your standards,
And I do not tell lies, unlike the words that come from your mouth.

You say we are mass murderers, yet what about yourself?
Was it not you who started the concentration camps in Algeria?
Then Germany and within the European arenas of Wars?
Was it not you who passed the genocide of the atomic bomb?
Believing that no one else should ever have it, to hit you back?
Which millions died in the holocaust, Blacks, Gypsies and Jews?

You lost your cold war enemies and the need for your forces to exist,
So you picked on Islam as your next foe,
And to reinforce this belief you made it believable by manipulation,
Your friends, your enemies shake you by the hand,
As a play drawing to an end, you think you have won.

Iran became an Islamic State and you lost your power,
Iraq did your bidding for you were impotent to act,
Their reward was for them to re-conquer Kuwait unopposed,
But what you had not told them was that your friends would not sit
idly by,
Lies and more lies do your bidding and you cannot be trusted to tell
the truth.

Was it not the French who sold Saddam the Mustard Gas?
Was it not Donald Rumsfold who sold him the nerve gas he used on the
When it was to be used solely on the Iranians?
Was it not the West who armed him to the hilt and kitted him out?
Did he not play your game until he was the only power left to say no
to you?

Afghanistan was paramount to your oil greed and a pipeline most
But they would not play ball to your proposals and low costs,
So you needed power to overcome the people and you attacked,
Death is easy when you hold superior weapons of destruction,
But you cannot alter the belief within the hearts of the believers.

Karzai your loyal oil worker once an America,
Is now your loyal star, giving you the right to walk all over the
How nice to pay a lower price for your pipe line dream,
But the smell of Afghani deaths overshadows your sweat success,
Or will the shift of sand and time eat the very soul from your heart?

Eminent Muslim leaders do your bidding from all around,
But it is the people, who put them into power,
And it is them that can return them to the very gutters they come
They are not believers within the meaning of the word,
And the Angel of Death will call for them all very soon?

A woman gives birth to a child for it to surely die,
This is the only truth, which man cannot escape,
You can shoot your guns and kill and rape,
But never will you control the belief of true believers,
For they fear Allah above all else and should keep themselves pure
for his sake?

Brother shall kill brother although they should not,
For you have twisted their minds in the past by your deceit,
People should be protected from your lies yet the media is yours,
The enemy of Islam is not your people but only you,
And the war crimes you have committed will come to haunt you

Shia or Sunni stop the killing of each other,
Join united in condemnation of what is happening to your people,
You are being mislead by the Shaytan of the West,
Disguised as the leadership of Western democracy,
And the Muslim leadership that we have given power to.

Are you a Muslim or are you a non-believer?
Do you believe in Allah and all His Prophets?
Do you want for your Brother that which you want for yourself?
Can you forgive the Brother who was sick not knowing right from
For you have been mislead for far too long.

Pick up the rod of loyalty to help you walk the straight path of
Pick up the pen of reasoning and make your words felt strong and
Pick up your Brother and carry him with you,
Pick up his children and treat them like your own,
Pick up your dignity of belief in the Day of Judgement.

Time is but a short step to death,
And when it comes we will never be ready for it,
Just a little time more we shall call out,
But our pleas will fall on deaf ears,
For when the time is right you will go.

Truth is what we want to believe in,
For truth is the standard of our belief,
And we expect no one to lie in reference to our belief,
Yet you have twisted most of our leaders to your corrupt ways,
But how will you pay those loyal to you, with deceit.

Jihad is but a small weapon against the Shaytan,
By staying true to your faith and respecting life,
For how will our enemies get to know the truth if we behave like
All people are born Muslim and it is their parents who take them
away from their faith,
And it is up to us to return them to the true path through correct


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